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Our Blog

An ongoing series of my thoughts while we role down the road

Our inaugural Trip

July 2016

Our Inaugural trip happened today...  We were so proud to transport the friends & family of our very good friends to their sons wedding at Merridale Cidery in Cobble Hill.  Let me tell you I was nervous as

I hadn't yet passed my class 4 unrestricted license so I had our trusty on call driver do our  companies very first run.

I couldn't get the negative nellies to stop  "what if they don't like it"  "what if we get lost" "God forbid we be late" "Did I get the bus clean enough" " will they like the stereo and lights?"  What if ... What if... What if... AM I CRAZY "I'm SO SCARED"  YET SO EXCITED.  The minute we rolled down Jingle pot road and the guests were laughing, smiling singing along to the music it was then that I took a BIG BREATH and let it all soak in.  Were there any issues... minor ones... was it major... definitely not.  

WE DID IT finally!!! After several stressfull months of waiting for our application process to get approved we finally are in business.  As long time residents of Nanaimo we are so proud to bring the city its first Party Bus to town.

#islandlife #VIweddings #inauguraltrip #thefunhappensinside

Groomsmen & Country Music

August 6th, 2016

We didn't receive our approval for our limousine passenger license until after the start of bridal season.  We didn't expect many brides to cross our doors this August but I knew someone special would book the very first bridal package. I was thrilled to receive a call from the amazing Beckie at Vancouver Island Bridal Exhibitions, I felt like a kid in a candy store knowing I was going to get my opportunity to have my favorite treat (however this treat was a wedding!.  We were extremely fortunate to drive the entire grooms party to Pacific Shores in Parksville.  The guys were so much fun!! Thankfully I LOVE country music and as we rolled down the highway we were transported back into a time when country music was for the true cowboys.   Best Wishes to both of you as you celebrate your wedding.

#thefunhappensinside  #VIweddings #pacificshores #bridalexhibition 

Firefighters in our house

September  8

Summer is in full swing, the roads are busy with families going camping in their RVs, groups of friends are cruising on their motorbikes, and those classic cars that come out on the sunny beautiful days are amazing to see.  As a professional driver you experience the road in a total different view.  Your eyes are open to so much more, I am grateful to be able to experience this.  We have been busy helping clients celebrate birthdays, anniversary, and this weekend I transported our very first group of men to play a round of golf at Arrowsmith. Did I mention they were 12 CFB firefighters.  What a great fun time had by all.

Arrowsmith Golf Course was picturesque as usual and the reviews were nothing short of amazing.  I love it when our clients have a great time.

#VIgolf  #arrowsmithgolf  #thefunhappensinside #summerfun

We went back to the future

November 12th, 2017

Today was literally back to the future.  

Yesterday was our last wedding of the year. What a blast we had with Todd & Nicole. Words can not describe how amazing their wedding was.  I was totally mesmerized by the gorgeous vintage shoes, the stunning lace wedding dress, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen attire  WOW what a ton of thought and work went into planning this themed wedding.  I truly wish you both a lifetime of happiness and may your creative flair never leave you Nicole :)  One of the best things about my job is that the smiles are endless, the laughter is infectious and the positive energy is incredibly uplifting. Getting to know Todd was an honor. If you are ever looking for a DJ for your own wedding or event  he is your guy

#VIwedding #backtothefuture  #thefunhappensinside #deloreancantoutrunus

RIP Dawn Coe Jones

November 15th, 2017

Today I was saddened to learn that local female golf legend Dawn Coe Jones passed away.   She was an instrumental role model for young golfers on Vancouver Island. While I have never met her.  My daughter Kelsey did when she won the Junior tournament back in 2008 at March Meadows.  I remember how proud I was of her and how excited her grand parents were when she came home with a right handed driver from Dawn herself and a signed pink golf ball.  They both are still in our house the driver in my Mothers bag as Kelsey is a leftie.  But that little pink ball still sits in the box of treasured childhood moments that are one of those keepsakes you just can't part with.

RIP Dawn Coe Jones.  Thank you for everything you did

#VIgolf  #Mtbrenton  #lakecowichan #summerfun

Holiday Light Tours

Dec 12th, 2016

Today will be our first holiday light tour on the bus... 3 families are excited to spend the evening with us as we tour around our great city looking at over a dozen houses. My excitement has been building as I decorated the interior with Christmas lights, garland and decor for the season. I think everyone is going to like it.  The playlist has been downloaded and we are ready to go.  Thank gosh for Costco and their yummy treats because who doesn't like shortbread and chocolate.  We are going to ask everyone who joins us this season to tell us their favorite decorated house and the winner will be announced in a later blog posting.  I just wanted to say thank you to our followers on Facebook.  Your excitement for our business helped share our holiday light tour with over 6000 people.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Let our festive season begin.  Did i mention it snowed yesterday... glad the roads have cleared up.

#merrychristmas  #nanaimorockstheholidaylights  #thefunhappensinside 

Merry Christmas

Dec 24th, 2016

Phew... Breathe... it's Christmas Eve.. We did it.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... to each and everyone of you who stepped on board our bus this holiday season.  I met 145 amazing guests on board the bus this month.  I experienced the 145 cheers when we turned the corner onto Olympia Way.  145 hand shakes, fist pumps, hi fives, and the hugs.  What a way to make a girl feel proud of a job well done.  We live and park the bus up by Westwood Lake where we seem to get a lot more snow than the rest of Nanaimo.  We endured snow, ice and below freezing temperatures everyday while getting ready. We were so thankful for the car wash on Northfield for remaining open on the coldest days of the year.  Our diesel furnace worked overdrive to keep you all toasty (yes some of you more than others) warm.  We made friends along the route, we got to wave to the children in all the houses and on one of our stops we sang Christmas carols a few times to two little boys.  The icing on the cake was Christmas eve when I spotted Santa running towards his sleigh on Northhumberland Rd.  What a truly magical season is was at Coastal Limo.  All the best to each of you and your families this holiday season and may you have a Happy New Year. 

#merrychristmas  #nanaimorockstheholidaylights  #thefunhappensinside

Axe' & Ale's

May 19, 2017

Who would have thought throwing a sharp object at a target would be so much FUN! Thank you guests, thank you VanIsle Axe for a fun experience.  After spending an evening of friendly competition we made the move back to Nanaimo where we spent the evening at the landlubber pub for a plate of crispy yummy chicken wings and a cold one :) but tonic water for me.  The driver loves to have fun but safety is #1

#thefunhappensinside  #VIaxe  #fortheloveofwings  

Class of 2017

June 2017

A culmination of 13 years of schooling, a chapter in your life story coming to an end. A time of celebration.  We had onboard some pretty amazing young adults celebrating the end of grade 12.  Congratulation to all the parents for raising such amazing kids.  Good luck graduates as you move onward on your life journey.  

#classof2017 #thefunhappensinside #DoverProm  #CedarProm  # BarsbyProm  #LadysmithProm  #bestfriends  #summer2017

The One Day It Sprinkled

July 2017

Alright! Who would have thought it would sprinkle rain after 39 days of straight sun, zero precipitation and in the warm lands of the Cowichan Valley!! Go Figure.. 14 beautiful girls sporting short shorts, flip flops and bikinis ready to head to the river turned into a day of spontaneity and fun. An on the fly itinerary change brought forth a great day of memories. A huge shout out to Jakes on the lake, Emandare Vineyard, Damali Lavendaer Winery, Enrico Winery & the Sawmill Taphouse & Grill for making the day super fun. Even though the giant yellow ball in the sky was missing and the river plans were changed no cool temps would dampen this bachelorette spirit

#summer2017   #thefunhappensinside  #bachelorette  #bestfriends  #VIweddings

Girls Just wanna have fun

August 2017

Turning 8 has never been more fun.  We loved playing red light green lisht dance party as we journeyed through out town.  Dancing, Selfie props, pom poms and more made getting to our final destination all the more fun.  Sunshine and summertime.  Have fun swimming girls (hope to see you again)  Happy Birthday Violet

#summer2017   #thefunhappensinside  #birthdayparty  #bestfriends

For The Love of Wine

August 2017

What a tremendous amount of respect I have for our local wineries & vineyards. Us Islanders are so lucky to have access to the gorgeous properties right here on our beautiful island. The vast amount of knowledge, hard work, passion, and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of wine just amazes me. As a "non" wine drinker I have learned to love why so many guests thoroughly enjoyed their times visiting various locations. My favorite quote of the season comes from Emandare Vineyard “Remember what's in your glass should never be more important than who you are sharing it with."  Friends, wine tasting, amazing hospitality, and a fun mode of transportation (what more could a group of friends want)

#summer2017 #thefunhappensinside #winetours #bestfriends #emandarevineyard

We Love Weddings

October 2017

Our 2nd Wedding season has come to an end.  We wrapped up our last wedding for the season.  What a summer.  Truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to offer a service to so many amazing Brides & Grooms on their special day.  A great part of my day is the witnessing of a truly special day.  A day where couples form some of their best life stories. I wait, I watch, I listen, offer a hand, hold a suit jacket, give a kind word and most importantly keep the day rolling as we journey from location to location.  Our brides and grooms have opened my eyes to some of the Islands most beautiful locations; from private residences, oceanside backdrops, & country settings.  The sights I saw were what every photographers dream must be. I am super excited for next year and can't wait to see where the journey takes us. 

#summer2017 #thefunhappensinside #VIweddings #bestfriends #islandliving

Goblins, Clowns, Mario & More

October 2017

Halloween a time to bring forth expression, creativity and every child’s favorite candy holiday. It was a magical night on-board.  We were super thrilled to have two families join us on our first "pumpkins on the drive" family halloween tour. So much fun, but I think we will keep the clown locked up in the back. Scary... Boo

#Pumpkinsarebestinpie #thefunhappensinside #trickortreat #bestfriends #parksville

A Christmas Family Vacation

December 2017

The great thing about having a large capacity shuttle van is that we get hired to move large groups of people to the airport. A funny story I must share. I was 99% positive that this one group was heading off to spend the holidays in Sunny Hawaii. (Sense my envy). I picked them up super early in the morning 4:15am to be exact with mele kalikimaka downloaded onto the ipod and playing festively that cold morning. As we roll down the road super excited for them I ask where they are staying.... Needless to say they are going to Mexico... Pause what?? FELIZ NAVIDAD. See you in January full of tacos, margaritas, and tequila. Bon Voyage

#Myfavoritetilefamily  #iceontheroof  #ycd  #thefunhappensinside  #FordTransit

Holiday Lishts 2017

December 2017

Another tremendous holiday light season has come to an end. This year we saw over 250 guests on-board as we rolled down the streets of Nanaimo. I loved seeing familiar faces from last year. While the weather was not nearly as bad as last year we did see a lot of white stuff on the ground. Our furnace worked overtime this year keeping your toes extra warm. Some of you even experienced "the hot seat" an official nickname one of our guests created. Christmas carols & treats made for some happy faces, but the icing on the cake was all the decorated houses. Bravo to the home owners who put on an amazing display. If you missed out we will be for sure doing it again next year.

for a map of all the locations

#HappyHolidays  #MerryChristmas  #VIlishttours  #thefunhappensinside